Insulation of the car doors

In order to improve sound and avoid annoying vibration noise we recommend to insulate the door card / car doors. Dampening the car door suppresses the “hollow” sound of a car door not insulated – the basses and the mids will become more clear and transparent.

Our recommendation:
The self-adhesive vibration suppressing insulation fleece with approval from the motor industry according to DIN 75200. Easy, clean and quick to handle.

•  measurement/one piece: 1000 x 600 x 10mm (for one large door)

•  multilayed application possible

•  item no. 27000


Self-adhesive anti-vibration insulation fleece

Our recommendation:
The self-adhesive anti-vibration damping fleece automotive industry release according to DIN 75200. Easy, clean and quick to process.

Dimensions/VP: 1000 x 600 x 10mm (for approx. one large door)
can also be used in multiple layers
Article no. 27000
The flame-retardant material of the DämmVlies 27000 has excellent damping properties and is used in many areas of vehicle construction. The self-adhesive insulation fleece is bonded between the door trim and the rain protection film over the entire surface of the inside of the door trim. The insulation of the door trim is even more important than the insulation of the inside of the door panel for an interference-free and excellent sound result.
Note: Not suitable for insulating the inside of the door panel, bitumen mats are the better choice here.

The insulation fleece for the complete vehicle interior:

  • Door panels/side panels
  • Roof lining
  • Carpet
  • Subwoofer housing inside
  • Trunk linings
  • Rear shelves
  • dashboard
    or also for insulation of machines, motorhomes, boats etc.
Insulation Fleece 27001 Product Image

The double-layered insulation material made of butyl and aluminum was developed to minimize vibrations and rattling noises from plastics and metal parts inside and outside the vehicle. This is highly efficient in converting kinetic energy into thermal energy. Extremely adhesive and easy to mold, it can be used to insulate exterior sheet metal and door panels. Water resistant and flame retardant.

Easily moldable composite material made of a rigid aluminum foil and a self-adhesive butyl rubber-based damping layer. Due to the special blend of butyl, Ultra2.1 has excellent anti-drumming and damping properties over a wide temperature range while being lightweight. Due to the solid aluminum foil, it also has a stiffening and stabilizing effect.

Alubutyl 3 pieces