Bass Reflex Subwoofer

The task of a subwoofer is to support the low frequency range. The development of our subwoofer solutions for motorhomes and caravans is not about sound pressure and decibels, but rather about achieving clear, spirited sound dynamics and perfection of the room sound.

Subwoofer 17000

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Please note: the subwoofers can be placed as well as positioned, i.e. height and width can also be exchanged accordingly.

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CampTec Style Door Subwoofer 60383-S

Specific door subwoofer for Fiat Ducato
Item number: 60383-S

CampTec Style door subwoofer - 60383-S

Subwoofer system 65510

Subwoofer system “driver’s side” for Fiat Ducato III
Item number: 65510

Ducato Subwoofer

Fiat Ducato Series 8 – Subwoofer system

Door subwoofer incl. 1x 200mm woofer
Article number: 65530-Q-S

Ducato Subwoofer

Door subwoofer 65770

The specific Mercedes Sprinter door subwoofer
Item number: 65770

65770 Tür Subwoofer Sprinter W907 910 / Subwoofer - 65770

17029 Ford Transit Custom door subwoofer

incl. 1x178mm dual voice coil and connection cable
Item number: 17029

Ducato Subwoofer

Subwoofer 69711

Specific Mercedes Marco Polo -Horizon / Activity / V-Class subwoofer
Item number: 69711

Marco Polo Horizon/ V-Klasse / Activity Subwoofer

MiKo Subwoofer 65520

Center console subwoofer for Fiat Ducato III
-CampTec Style
Item number: 65520-S

Miko Subwoofer 65520-S

Crosscamp Subwoofer 17024

Subwoofer mounting under the driver’s seat.

Item number: 17024

Crosscamp Subwoofer 17024 / Crosscamp Subwoofer 17024

Installation images

Subwoofer mounting in the vehicle