Doorboard Design

Doorboard Design, Doorboard BMW Z3 special color product image

To achieve first-class sound, it is not enough to simply replace the speakers or hifi system in your car.

Quality, but also quantity of the loudspeakers and especially the best acoustic placement, are the basis for a high-end sound concept. For an excellent sound result, the acoustic tuning of the individual components of the car hi-fi system is crucial. For the visually perfect and space-saving integration of a high-quality speaker system, doorboards offer an installation solution that goes beyond conventional methods in automotive acoustics.

Precisely fitting and visually appealing, they form the right foundation for the acoustically favorable and inconspicuous placement of powerful door speakers. Up to 8x 165mm speakers can be harmoniously and easily integrated into the vehicle doors. The fully concealed speaker mounting, maximum quality standard and the design adapted to the shape and color of the vehicle interior, lets you enjoy music in unique quality!

The “Original” JEHNERT Doorboard – Competence in sound and design!

Design lines and details of the vehicle interior are continued in the design development of the doorboards. With their noble appearance and elegant design, the sound modules fit seamlessly and beautifully into the vehicle interior.

  • unique in construction and design
  • vouches for the highest level of craftsmanship from development to production
  • noble ambience
  • High quality materials
  • finest craftsmanship
  • exclusive details

Features that make a JEHNERT doorboard something “unique”!

  • completely invisible speaker mounting
  • no restriction of the cargo space in your vehicle
  • elegant design – visually matched to the vehicle interior
  • low weight and a high level of safety
  • exclusive materials and the highest possible quality level
  • powerful sound systems with up to 4 x 165 mm woofers per vehicle door
  • up to 300 watt sine power!
  • Maximum load capacity
  • vehicle acoustically calibrated sound systems
  • no installation of additional subwoofers necessary
Doorboard BMW Z3 special color

Material and safety

JEHNERT doorboards vouch for the highest craftsmanship perfection from development to production!

Only GRP or PUR/IHS is processed in series production. GRP is particularly characterized by low weight, high load-bearing capacity and resistance to corrosion and weathering.

PUR/IHS is used in the automotive industry, e.g. for dashboards. Compared to MDF, both materials offer the advantage that the vehicle doors are not affected by heavy superstructures or moisture.
Since the materials break bluntly, they also offer a high level of safety.

Accurate fit from model making to series production. Each doorboard design is created from a real installation situation. With the highest level of craftsmanship, all molded parts for toolmaking are made to fit precisely and custom-made in our in-house model carpentry shop.

The series release is made only after the installation of the release sample in the vehicle and thus guarantees the 100% accuracy of fit.

Progress and innovation through various production processes – from individual production, prototype construction, small series to main series quantities. Consistent flexibility, speed and precision confirm our best references – up to exclusive car manufacturers.

Accurate fit from model making to GRP series production!

Each construction of a JEHNERT doorboard is created from a real installation situation, i.e. dimensionally accurate adaptation on the vehicle. All prototypes for toolmaking are produced with exact fit and dimension in our in-house model carpentry. In GRP production, pressing and injection processes as well as hand lay-up offer a high degree of quality and safety.

CNC manufacturing of the blank

In the production of prototypes and models, craftsmanship is just as important to us as the processing and further development of existing CAD data for industrial projects.

Our in-house saddlery is specially designed to meet individual customer requirements!

In our in-house saddlery, the doorboards are covered exclusively with high-quality materials in imitation leather or the finest genuine leather. Our large assortment of special colors and real leather processing with decorative stitching fulfills very individual customer wishes.

Precise craftsmanship!

Our warehouse contains on average about 300 pairs of doorboard blanks, which are further processed individually according to customer requirements.

In precise manual work, the molded parts are always checked for accuracy of fit of the cut edges on the original door panels and the surface is prepared for further processing in the upholstery shop.
In order to meet the uncompromising demands in quality control, there are approx. 100 original door panels for various vehicle types available in the warehouse.

Doorboard Finish – Quality has a name: The original JEHNERT Doorboard!

After thorough quality control and final touches, the doorboard is packed ready for shipment.

We look forward to fulfilling your wish with a very special sound experience!