JEHNERT SOUND DESIGN specialized in innovative sound solutions in automotive acoustics more than 30 years ago. With the development and production of exclusive sound systems and individual installation solutions, the brand name JEHNERT® established itself worldwide. Quality awareness, creativity, perfection in craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology, characterize the company’s development and satisfaction of demanding customers.

The intensive cooperation with the automotive and recreational vehicle industry is one of the most important prerequisites for many years of success and for the best references.

We create worlds of sound – get in!

Over 30 years of experience

in automotive acoustics and innovative sound solutions.


… in sound

It is not enough to simply replace loudspeakers to achieve a high level of sound quality and a significant improvement in sound. The acoustically correct placement and individual tuning is decisive for a good sound result. Unique in the aftermarket, JEHNERT Sound Design develops and produces “vehicle-specific sound systems” as standard.

… and design

The space available at the factory is usually very limited. To accommodate loudspeakers, an installation solution is required that goes beyond conventional methods in automotive acoustics.

JEHNERT sound systems are unique in construction and design. Stylish design lines and details of the interior are continued in the body elements. With their elegant design and refined appearance, the sound modules fit seamlessly and beautifully into the vehicle or living room interior. With minimal space requirements, they realize the visually inconspicuous integration of a complete speaker system.

Subwoofer Miko passgenau
  • premium sound quality
  • perfect integration


Standard cover materials

All speaker mounts are covered with optically corresponding or original imitation leather. The standard color included in the scope of delivery can be found in the price list. Special colors and genuine leather upholstery are available on request at extra cost. The loudspeakers are completely concealed with flush-fitting panels, providing optimum protection against damage and theft. The panels are covered with durable and lightfast acoustic fabric.

Customized cover materials

In our in-house saddlery, high-quality materials and perfect workmanship meet even the highest requirements of our customers.

The design variants are almost limitless. Shape, color and material of the speaker boxes and covers are always harmoniously matched with the living ambience and thus let the speaker boxes become a home accessory!

Ledermuster Jehnert Sound Design
  • noble ambience
  • finest craftsmanship


Guaranteed to fit!

With the highest level of craftsmanship, the master models for toolmaking are made to fit and measure in our in-house model carpenter’s shop.

In series production, each speaker mount is prepared for the saddlery work in precise manual work. Every cut edge of a series molded part for the driver’s cab is checked on the original dashboard, thus guaranteeing 100% accuracy of fit.

Jehnert Sound Design

Material & Quality

JEHNERT sound modules are mainly produced from GRP. GRP is characterized by low weight, high load capacity as well as corrosion and weather resistance. Since GRP breaks bluntly, this material also ensures a high degree of safety.

Material und Qualität Jehnert Sound Design
  • low weight
  • very high corrosion resistance
  • High level of security
  • highest quality


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72124 Pliezhausen-Rübgarten
Phone: +49 (0)7127 93457-0
E-Mail: sounddesign@jehnert.de

The installation requires craftsmanship and technical know-how.
For this purpose, our JEHNERT Team in Pliezhausen and Germany’s best specialized dealers are at your disposal.


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