Sound systems

High-quality loudspeakers are an important basis
for a good sound system.
Correct positioning and acoustic tuning guarantee excellent sound results.

Fiat Ducato III and serie 8 sound package 2 65582-X

Design lines and details of the vehicle interior are continued in the design development of the doorboards. With their noble appearance and elegant design, the sound modules blend beautifully into the vehicle interior.

Doorboard BMW Z3 special color

Vehicle specific crossover

A JEHNERT-SOUND SYSTEM is always exactly and individually calibrated to the vehicle type. Unique in the aftermarket, we develop and produce vehicle-specific crossovers.

Tiefton Weiche web

Cover material

All speaker mounts are covered with optically matching or original imitation leather. The speakers are completely invisibly covered with flush-fitting trim panels, thus offering optimum protection against damage and theft. The loudspeaker trims are designed according to customer requirements as acoustic fabric trims with hard-wearing and light-fast acoustic fabric or as molded metal protection grilles.

Ledermuster Vorschau 1


For installation, the insulation of the door panel / vehicle doors is recommended to improve the sound and avoid annoying vibration noise. In addition, the “hollow” sound of an uninsulated vehicle door is suppressed – basses and mids get a much clearer and more transparent sound image.

Insulation Fleece 27001 Product Image

installation images

manufacturing and efficient results from small series to large series.

All processes are based on the latest technology and offer a high level of quality, safety and production performance.

Mercedes SL R129 GFK-Halter

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