A JEHNERT-SOUND SYSTEM is always exactly and individually calibrated to the vehicle type. Unique in the aftermarket, we develop and produce vehicle-specific crossovers.

The acoustic frequency response adjustment – sound field – vehicle interior:
Generally, unfavorable acoustic conditions prevail in the vehicle, which are also different in each vehicle type. The limited interior space, design and materials, for example, lead to vehicle-specific reflections that significantly impair sound transmission and music reproduction.

Even high-quality loudspeakers are limited in their performance and sound quality if the interior acoustics are not taken into account.

It depends crucially on the crossover whether the qualities of the drivers can be fully exploited.

The acoustic adjustment takes place in two steps:

The electronic fitting:
After the speakers have been installed in the vehicle, a test signal determines the frequency response in the listening position. In this way, frequency response errors are detected.

Highly developed measurement technology is used to test and determine the dispersion angle of the loudspeakers, circuit options and component values.

The adjustment through listening tests:
The trained ear is ultimately the most sensitive evaluator of harmonious sound tuning. The acoustic fine-tuning of the theoretically calculated values and correction of residual transmission errors is therefore carried out by listening tests with different types of music.

Sound image:
Extensive measurement studies yield the decisive parameters for a perfect sound image. In sensitive fine-tuning, we then develop crossovers for which there is no standardized calculation formula.

Sound quality:
High-quality electronic components and a precisely determined circuit guarantee excellent sound results for our customers. This is confirmed by many tests and positive reviews in the trade press.

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