Question: Where can I find a dealer in my area?

Answer: We offer you a detailed search of our authorized dealers, sorted by Zip-Code.

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If you can’t find a dealer in your area, please send us a message by E-Mail.

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Question: What kind of speaker-chassis does JEHNERT use?

Answer: JEHNERT-Speakers are developed and built in Germany to the highest quality standards and quality controls, and thus proudly feature the term “quality made in Germany”.

JEHNERT Speakers guarantee:

    • highest Quality
    • maximum peak power handling
    • excellent acoustic properties

Question: Does the doorlining has to be cut out?

Answer: In most cases, yes. The doorboards are mounted onto the original doorlining. To produce an ideal sound characteristic, the speakers need a certain volume inside the door frame. That is why the doorlining has to be cut out. Only very few cars (like the Mercedes W124 sedan)offer a doorlining with the possibility that the speaker cut-outs are covered by the original tray.

We know from our customers that the JEHNERT doorboards revalorize your car. So there is no need to deinstall the doorboard before reselling the car.

No metal cutwork necessary!

example for installation