Material und Design

Material and design
All speaker mounts are covered with optically matching or original imitation leather. The standard color included in the scope of delivery can be found in the price list. Special colors and genuine leather upholstery are available on request at extra cost. The loudspeakers are completely concealed with flush-fitting panels, providing optimum protection against damage and theft. The panels are covered with durable and light-fast acoustic fabric.

JEHNERT sound modules are mainly made of GRP. GRP is characterized by low weight, high load capacity as well as corrosion and weather resistance. Since GFRP breaks bluntly, this material also ensures a high degree of safety.

In the design and manufacturing area, the latest technology and qualified employees are the basis for meeting the uncompromising demands of our quality assurance. 100% quality in material and execution are the promise for our customers.

Surface materials and coatings

  • Surface coatings in various structures
  • imitation leather
  • Real leather, individual with decorative stitching
  • Carbon, Kevlar, aluminum, stone optics
  • precious wood or application
  • colored lacquering
    and much more.

A multitude of compositions of different structures up to exclusive materials offer various possibilities of surface refinement. The consistent, aesthetically adapted appearance guarantees perfect integration.

Our in-house saddlery is specially designed to meet individual customer requirements. Thus, special color requests or leather processing with decorative stitching can be easily implemented even within a series production.