GFK higruJEHNERT Doorboards guarantees utmost perfection in craftsmanship from development to production!

Only GRP or PUR/IHS is processed in series production. GFK stands out in particular due to low weight, high strain load, corrosion and weather resistance.

In the vehicle industry for example PUR/IHS is used for the dashboard. Both materials, compared to MDF, offer the advantage that the vehicle doors are inflicted neither through heavy constructions or by humidity. Moreover, they offer a high degree of safety since the materials break off bluntly.

Made to fit precision from the model construction to series production!

Every construction of a doorboard emerged from a real installation situation. All form parts for the tooling are custom-made in our own model carpenter shop and fitted exactly with highest craftsmanship perfection.

The parts are released for series only after the assembly of the sample type release in the vehicle and therefore guarantees 100 per cent precision fit.

Progress and innovation through different production methods:

The individual product, prototypes construction and small series up to main series quantities, consequent flexibility, speed and precision confirm best references – extending to exclusive german automobile manufacturers.

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