»130mm Woofer« Soundpackage for driver’s cabin + living area

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Soundsystem for driver’s cabin incl. subwoofer, amplifier and living room boxes


3-way-soundsystem with 130mm (5″)woofers

Our high-quality sound concepts for integrated motorhomes guarantee brilliant sound and confer exclusive ambience.

The separate midrange-tweeter system is mounted on the dashboard in an optimal acoustic position and is providing a wide and open sound staging. The low-range fundament a 130mm (5”) woofer in the side panels – depending on the place available. This guarantees an optimal sound image as well as a music playback which is rich in details.

Two exclusive speaker boxes Multibox 60007000 or 7100 support the perfect sound in the motorhomes living area or bedroom. Through their innovative design, the speaker boxes and coverings are always adjusted in harmony with the interior ambience. The TV connection is also possible.

The full sound package is driven by a low-power 5-channel amplifier with the latest 56-bit DSP technology. A selectable subwoofer in different sizes completes the system with impressive sound dynamics.


Sound system according to your wishes:
Due to different layouts, we would be glad to submit you an individual soundsystem which is tailor-made with sample images. We look forward to your inquiry.

On request, we develop individual midrange tweeter modules depending on the cab and space. For driver and passenger the sound characteristics are optimized in precisely tuned listening position.

Our recommendation:
For stationary operation a relay circuit is possible for the power supply. This allows you to switch from „driving mode“ to „living mode“.

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Integrierte Reisemobile


1x 26 mm Neodym-Softdome-Hochtöner »XE26« /pro Seite

Midrange driver:

1 x 100 mm High-End Mitteltöner »XE100« /pro Seite


1x 130 mm JEHNERT »Tief-Mitteltöner« »XE130« /pro Seite

Crossover circuit:

JEHNERT fahrzeugspezifisch, akustisch eingemessen

Power handling nominal/peak:

2x 80 / 160 Watt

Frequency response:

49 – 22.000 Hz

Einbau vom Fachmann

Der Einbau erfordert handwerkliche Erfahrung und technisches Know How. Hierfür steht Ihnen unser JEHNERT Team in Filderstadt und deutschlandweit die besten Fachhändler gerne zur Verfügung.

Rufen Sie uns an, oder nutzen Sie das Kontaktformular bzw. schreiben Sie uns. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anfrage und beraten Sie gerne individuell,

Telefon: 07158-956990 oder E-Mail: sounddesign@jehnert.de




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