Jehnert Multi-Box 6000

Travel with a small Hifi all-rounder!Multibox6000 weissMusic enthusiasts should also have high-quality sound while traveling. Do you like it compact, small and perfectly integrated? The new Multibox 6000 has it all in one unit. With ist unique construction in t wo parts the small, variable speaker box offers many possibilities for installation and mounting.

The front enclosure can be combined with any design of the living area. You can choose from a variety of artificial leather up to an integrated back-lighting.Multibox6000 FarbmusterThe 2-way Jehnert speaker system „made in Germany“ is available either as open front enclosure or as completely closed version. Installation is simple and fast by means of the strong adhesive Velcro system e.g. on the wardrobe, on dividing walls, frames or as a corner box. Enjoy sound dreams with a power of 50 Watt sinus / 100 Watt music – not only with your eyes.

Here you can find the new Jehnert Multibox 6000 in our catalogue.

Sound – Performance for the Mercedes Sprinter

Finally you can also have hifi-pleasure in the Mercedes Sprinter!

The new sound system for the Sprinter comprises a 3-way soundsystem in the driver’s cabin, optionally with a bassreflex woofer and the new Multibox 6800 developed for the living area – a special highlight in sound.