Subwoofer – SUB PP 8Q (Quadcoil)

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dimensions: 23,5 x 23,5 x 26,5 cm

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Perfect sound dynamics • compact construction • space saving integration

 Subwoofers are intended to support the low frequency range. Developing our subwoofer solutions for mobile homes and caravans it is not about sound pressure or decibel, but much more about reaching clear and vivacious sound dynamics and to perfect the surround sound.

Feel the sound and enjoy the music – without  disturbing vibration noises and booming basses.

 Especially for recreational vehicles with limited space available the JEHNERT bass reflex subwoofer has been developed. Despite of its low enclosure volume the performance is a maximum in sound quality. 

 Each subwoofer is equipped with a »plug & play« cable and driven energy saving by a digital 5-channel amplifier.

Additional Information


1x 200mm »Quadcoil«-Schwingspule


23,5 x 23,5 x 26,5 cm


5,6 kg

Power nominal / peak

1x 160 / 320 Watt @ 2 Ohm

Frequency response:

32 – 180 Hz


4x 2,5 Ohm

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